Today Aquaculture is a fast growing sector with a yearly growth of 8-9% globally. This is making the Aquaculture sector interesting for manufacturers who traditionally are supplying their products and services into other sectors. AquaProcess is offering a full range of services to aquaculture companies and new aquaculture projects around the world.

  • We connect customer and supplier
  • We carry out products test, work out market research -field and desk
  • We provide business development on a consultancy basis
  • We assist with establishing business plan

We support businesses and other stakeholders with high quality services. With our global network we are building the bridges between new potentiel stakeholders in the aquaculture industry and well established farming companies and suppliers in the aquaculture sector.

Clients turn to us for the insight, innovation and experience we've captured from working closely with aquaculture industry for many years. Our unique combination of practical experience and aquaculture subject matter expertise globally, has us well positioned to provide consultancy and advice.

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